Rules for the game of baccarat

Baccarat is a casino game available on the majority of online sites. It’s a game which is based on a calculation of the total points of the players’ hands and the bets placed by these. Baccarat has two main rules: the hand which has a points total the nearest to 9 is the winning hand, a player wins when the player has bet on the correct result. In casinos, baccarat is played with a player and the dealer. If there are several players at the table they play individually against the dealer. Each player individually compares his hand to that of the dealer to discover the result of the game.

The stages in a game of baccarat

A game of baccarat has 5 main parts. The first is the one in which the player places his bet on one of the three possible choices: player, bank and a tie. Following this stage, the player receives two cards as does the dealer. Then a calculation is made of the player’s and the dealer’s total points. Depending on the result of this calculation the dealer will either give the player and himself a third card or not. At the end of this last stage there is a final count of the points to discover who has won the game and which is the winning bet.

Bets in the game of baccarat

Bets are an integral part of the game of baccarat. The aim of the game is to win the bet that the player placed at the beginning of the game. This bet has three parts: a bet on the player’s victory, a bet on the dealer’s victory and a bet on a tie. The player wins when his bet matches the result of his game against the dealer. The amount of the winnings is variable depending on each bet. With a winning bet on the player he wins twice his bet. By betting on the dealer he can win 1.95 times his bet. By betting on a draw he can win 9 times his bet.

Counting points in baccarat

Counting the points is a rule particular to baccarat. The game is played with a normal deck of 52 cards. The cards have the following values: 1 for the ace, 10 for the face cards and the 10 and the number on the card for 2 to 9. To calculate the total points one just has to add up the points of the player’s cards. When this number is greater than 9 one eliminates the tens and the final total of the points is the units. Therefore a total of 14 points corresponds finally to a total of 4 points.

The part played by the dealer and the player in the game of baccarat

The dealer’s and player’s roles are defined by the rules of the game. During a game neither of them can take the initiative to make a decision they can only follow that which is laid down in the rules. Depending on the total of their points the player and the dealer may or may not receive a third card. No supplementary card is shared when the player or the dealer gets a “natural”. This is a hand totalling 8 or 9 points. Each one’s points is compared and the winner is the one who has the highest total.If no one has a “natural” hand the possible actions are listed below. For the player if the total of his points is 6 or 7 he stands and doesn’t get any other card because his hand is final.
If his total is less than 6 he asks the dealer for a card and his final points total includes this card. This card can be seen by the dealer and allows him to decide on his actions. The dealer’s actions are also laid down in the rules of the game. If his points total is 7 he stands and his hand becomes final. If he has a total of 6 he draws a third card if the player’s one is between 4 and 7. If his points total is 4 the dealer takes a third card if the player’s is between 2 and 7. If he has a total of three he takes a third card only if the player’s third card is different to 8. Finally if the total is less than 3 he still draws a third card.