American roulette

The specifics of American Roulette

American roulette is a version of this famous casino game which involves throwing a ball onto a concave turntable which has different numbered pockets. The basic principles and the rules are the same as for the other types of roulette with just a few exceptions. As its name implies, American roulette comes from the United States and almost all of the casinos in the country offer only this specific version. So to play other versions American players must use the internet.

Different to European roulette, American roulette has an extra pocket which is 00. So instead of the 37 pockets which one usually finds, the wheel on an American table has 38 pockets in total of which 18 are black, 18 red and 2 green for 0 and 00. Since 0 and 00 are losing pockets, this version pays out less because the possibilities of winning are less when compared to the European version.

Rules for American Roulette

At the start of the game the dealer turns the wheel in a well defined way then he throws the little ball in the opposite direction and says “Place your bets.” At this precise moment you can begin to bet by placing your chips on the squares. Once the ball begins to go into the pockets the game is closed and the dealer says “No more bets.” Those who wish to continue betting have to wait for the next round to play. At the end of the round, that is when the ball stops moving the dealer announces the winning number and colour.

While in European roulette you are offered the “in prison” system of the game allowing you to recuperate half of your bet if the ball lands on 0, this isn’t the case in the American version of the game. In fact here if the ball lands on 0 or 00 you systematically lose all of your bets. While with French roulette for example by applying the “in prison” system you are still able to recuperate your chip and place it on other straight bets. In English roulette the bets are divided between the bank and the player if the ball lands on 0. Here there are 12 ways of betting: Straight up, Split, Street bet, Triple, Square, Five number line, Six number line, Dozen bet, Column, Red or Black, Even or Uneven, one or the other half of the table.

Counting winnings in American roulette

In this game you can make two main types of bets: “Inside” for all bets placed on the inside of the table “Outside” for all bets placed on the outside of it. If you wish to bet on less than 6 numbers at a time it’s an inside bet and for bets on more than 6 numbers the chips are placed on the outside of the table. Each bet consists of a clearly defined selection of numbers and to play you have to place your chips on specific spots. The least well paid out is the simple bet on “even”, uneven”, “black” or “red” which pays double the amount bet. The most advantageous is the Straight up which pays out winnings of 35 times the bet.

Every table has its own betting limits. You are offered maximum and minimum bets for outside bets and it is the same for inside bets. It must be emphasised however that this maximum limit only concerns one bet and not the amount of all the chips that you have on the table. The casino takes all the losing bets and pays out the winning bets according to a specific schedule. If you win you get back your own money while at the same time getting the corresponding payout. If for example you place 30 euros “straight up” and you win you will get back this money increased by 35 times the bet so that is 30 euros + 1050 euros = 1080 euros.