Profession : Female Online Dealers

Live Dealer Celtic CasinoFor a decade online casinos have operated in a niche market: offering live roulette and baccarat tables. New technology has been improved over the years enabling top quality live transmission  thanks to more powerful and rapid internet bands. The leap forward between what players had in 2002 and the top of the range quality of the present day is enormous. Online casinos offer live games in the presence of mainly female with very few male online dealers.
It must be said that it is more pleasant to be in good company in the presence of beautiful female dealers in particular from South America set up at online baccarat, roulette and blackjack tables. These three live games are accessible in all casinos specialising in live games and sometimes one can also find craps and poker.One calls them online dealers because even though they are seated at real tables they are filmed by webcams and everything is transmitted live. In order to show that it is live some casinos even go so far as to have a television tuned to a news station such as CNN to prove that it is all live.Nowadays fans of table games don’t even have to go to a real casino since table and card games come to them in conditions that are totally lifelike. Playing at a roulette, baccarat or blackjack table for real is possible thanks to webcams that film what is going on at the tables. Some casinos go even further by installing cameras in real casinos but sometimes the clientele present, which is real, leaves a lot to be desired. It is more pleasant to find oneself in the company of a female dealer seated opposite you rather than having aerial views of gaming tables which place the online player less in the centre of the action.

Casinos such as Celtic Casino offer live games where webcams are placed opposite female dealers and the player really feels that he is in a land based casino. Also an online player can smoke while playing whereas land based casinos are often non-smoking.

Finally, there are bonuses offered by land based casinos in particular cash backs like Celtic Casino which offers no less than a 50% cash back bonus in the case of a complete loss. In this way, a player who bets 100€ and loses it will have 50€ of a bonus credited to his account. Unlike in land based casinos, online players benefit from casino bonuses.

To sum up, major players of baccarat, blackjack, roulette have everything to gain in a live casino: welcoming tables, table and card games accessible from one’s own home, games available day and night, bonuses offered and excellent customer service. And for players who smoke, the right to smoke in front of one’s screen.

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