Eastern European Countries Legalise Online Gaming

Ukraine legalise online casinoThe opening up of online gaming has brought about many changes in position among Eastern European countries. Ukraine which was against cash games expressly forbade its population from taking part in these games. But against all expectations, it seems that these drastic measures are on the point of being eased.
This is as a result of a proposed law put forward by a member of the government, Oleg Tsarev, which envisages the legalisation of land based gaming. He believes that this law will actively aid the struggle against the addiction problems of players in his country which have got even worse since they were banned.As for Hungary, it has accepted the liberalisation of the online gaming market whereas up to now it had insisted that it was completely against this. It even plans to increase during 2012 the taxes on online and land based cash games.
This greatly appeals to the operators who have been coveting this market for a long time but they are however being careful and are waiting until the law is passed to see the amount of this tax.Lithuania is also on the point of putting in place a law to regulate the market. It mainly involves setting up a licensing system. These conditions will allow the market to be supervised and to avoid any excesses and mainly not to ever again lose more than 17 million euros which was the case in 2010 due to the absence of these licences.Over the last few months we have seen changes in the situation in Europe. The idea of legalising cash games wasn’t agreed on unanimously but pressure from the European Community is now forcing the most reticent to agree to this project. Even if the EU doesn’t impose anything it strongly advises that the recommendations are followed.

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