Turkish Players Cheat in Monaco’s Sun Casino

Turkish players cheat in Monaco CasinoOne of Monaco’s casinos belonging to the Société des Bains de Mer, the Sun casino, was the victim of fraud by four Turks staying in the principality. The four friends had put in place a strategy to win at the poker tables and it was working quite well. In the Sun casino the four of them had won 3775 euros but were caught out by security cameras. On arrival in the Sun casino from the Fairmont hotel, each one of the accomplices had a specific role at the Texas hold’em poker table.
One of the Turks attracted the dealer’s attention while the two others exchanged their cards and the fourth standing close to them hid the transaction.The four Turks left with their winnings. Following viewing of the security videos the staff noticed that something wasn’t quite right at that poker table. The four Turks came back to the same casino the next day and were arrested by the police who had been alerted by the casino management. Charged with “interfering with players” and with “ using means to defraud poker games”, the four accomplices will have to explain themselves in a Monegasque court as this is taken very seriously on the “Rock” where the law indicates a fine of up to 18 000 euros and six months up to three years prison.These four players do not have prior criminal records and have various professions: one of the players has a café in Istanbul and the three others live in Great Britain and are a cook, a waiter and a fruit and vegetable importer. It could be that this isn’t the first time that these four accomplices have acted in this way and casinos on the Cote d’Azur have been advised to view their security videos in order to check if the foursome has cheated at poker tables on the French Riviera.Monaco is one of the international gaming capitals and its level of luxury is unique. For many years emirs and other billionaires from all over the world meet up at roulette, baccarat and blackjack high roller tables where each chip could be the equivalent of several minimum wages. Certain rooms are even reserved for this elite among players with colossal fortunes.

The Société des Bains de Mer is Betclic Everest Group

It is important to remember that the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM) has invested in the Betclic Everest Group belonging to Stéphane Courbit who made a fortune by selling his shares in the Endemol company. The SBM owns 50% of the company and finds itself in an uncomfortable position in France as the group is suffering heavy losses since online gaming isn’t profitable in France due to heavy taxes and stiff competition. Betclic the group’s leading brand is surviving in Europe but other brands such as Everest Poker, Bet-At-Home and Expect are brands belonging to the group which are doing well. It must be said that it all depends on the European markets where the group has a strong presence.

Monaco’s casinos are famous internationally and have a flawless reputation which makes a lot of players dream in particular about the cars parked in front of the fashionable establishments in the principality.

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