Fire in the Monterrey Royale Casino in Mexico

Fire in the Monterrey Casino MexicoThings are not going well for Mexican casinos in particular the one in Monterrey which has just been the scene of a bomb attack by drug dealers. Ten armed men didn’t take things easily and engaged heavy artillery to set fire to and open fire on a place which should normally only be for relaxation and entertainment.
The heavily armed commando sprayed the place with bullets and petrol. In fact having overcome the Royal Casino security staff,  the ten men entered the main casino room without any intention of playing roulette or any other slot machines but rather intended to act as pyrotechnicians by setting fires. Some witnesses claim that grenades were launched as well as gun shots which set off the fire. As a result of the fire the staff and casino clients rushed to the toilets and were found dead because of blocked fire exits.Drug trafficking and score settling are everyday occurrences in Mexico and the Monterrey casino has frequently been the victim of multiple attacks.
In fact on the 17th of January 2011, the Monterrey casino was attacked and one person was killed. Then on the 25th of May last four casinos were held up including the Monterrey casino. One often hears about this industrial city because of score settling linked to drug trafficking. President Felipe Calderon’s government is involved in a war with drug dealers, which has caused no less than 50 000 deaths this year.Mexican casinos are often the victims of organised gangs who use every means to racketeer or make land based casinos pay them huge sums of money. Often these involve the death of clients, staff members or passers by who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Europe hold ups sometimes end badly like in the case of the recent hold up in the Trouville casino in France when the 75 year old attacker was killed following an exchange of fire with police but we must admit that it is rare that there is such a tragic ending… happily.

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