New Mobile Casino from Playtech

Playtech buy MobengaThere has been a major increase in the use of mobile phones for both sports betting and mobile casino gambling in recent years. (See article: Mobile Gambling Gaining in Popularity). A recent report in the United States has forecast an increase in world wide spending on mobile gambling of up to five times the approximately 20 billion dollars spent on mobile gaming in 2011.
This means that by 2017 there could be 100 billion dollars spent on mobile gambling. It has also been reported that over the next five years that mobile casino gambling will become more popular than mobile sports betting which at the moment accounts for about 20% of bets placed with British online betting companies.
Playtech, a leading online gaming developer and supplier of online casino software, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange is constantly developing its output of mobile casino software. Last week Playtech which recently took over Mobenga, the market leading mobile group which specialises in taking gaming and betting operators’ business to mobile media,  released a new mobile casino for Paddy Power. The Paddy Power Mobile Casino is one of the first developments to emerge from Playtech’s acquisition of Mobenga. Paddy Power is a major sports betting and online casino operator in the UK and Ireland and it also has betting shops in both countries.
Playtech’s new mobile casino platform for the company offers a choice of nine games including slot machines, blackjack and roulette. This new mobile casino is one of many supplied to leading online casino operators by Playtech.Playtech’s mobile casino gaming platform software can be used on smartphones and tablets both iOS and android. The games on offer are mobile versions of the most sought after online casino games and they offer excellent graphics, animation and sound quality. Online casinos can benefit greatly from having a mobile version of their casino which is accessible to players no matter where they are. The number of mobile casino operators has greatly increased in recent years.

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