Playtech Joint Ventures in Germany and South Africa

PlaytechPlaytech, the online gaming software designer and developer, has set up joint ventures in both Germany and South Africa. It is expected that the gaming market will soon be deregulated in both countries and so there would be growth in the online gaming market. By forming these joint ventures Playtech will combine its expertise in the areas of technology and marketing with the local knowledge of the gaming markets of the partners in Germany and South Africa.The Isle of Man based Playtech company which is listed on the London stock exchange will form a joint venture in Germany with the Gauselmann Group. The Gauselmann Group is a privately owned company. It is an amusement and gaming machine manufacturer which also has a division involved in internet based games, sports betting and cash games, European Gaming and Betting Consultants. The group holds sports betting licenses in Austria, the Czech Republic, England and in Italy. In Italy it also has a licence for internet based gaming.
By partnering with the Gauselmann Group which is well known in Germany Playtech plans to get the joint venture known in the German market even before the market is liberalised. When the licences are available the joint venture will have those necessary for regulated online sports betting and online gambling. The Gauselmann Group will have a 50.01% share in the joint venture.In a similar move and as part of its plan to ally its technological and marketing expertise with a partner with local market share and knowledge, Playtech has become involved in a joint venture with the Peermont Group in South Africa. This is a 50/50 investment and share in theĀ  joint venture between Playtech and Peermont. The Peermont Group is a leading gaming and hospitality company operating in South Africa and Botswana. The Peermont hotel, casino and resort group has fourteen casino hotels in South Africa and Botswana.Sports betting is permitted in South Africa and it is expected that the gaming market there will be liberalised to include online casino gaming. Initially the Playtech-Peermont joint venture will be involved in sports betting and it is to be launched this year. The hope is that just like in the German joint venture, this joint venture will make a name for itself as an online gaming group in preparation for the market opening up to internet gaming. Until the market is deregulated to include online and mobile casino games and online poker players can, in the meanwhile, play these games online in fun mode.

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