Legalisation of Online Gaming in Denmark

Legalisation of Online Gaming in DenmarkAnother one! After Malta, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, France and other European countries Denmark is now joining the club, since from 2012 online casinos, sport betting and online poker will be legal. In fact Denmark is going to open up its online gaming market and the Danish Gaming Authority will be charged with delivering licences to operators who wish to offer their services. So that the opening up will take place in the best possible way, the Danish Gaming Authority has been in touch with the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the Alderney Gaming Control Commission.
It must be said that these commissions have excellent knowledge of online gaming market and will be able to help the Danish Gaming Authority in relation to inspecting operators and to setting up terms and conditions.
In January 2012, the Danish Commission Act will be enacted and will impose administrative and technical terms and conditions on operators so that the commission can access all the necessary information. So the operators will have to prove their worth to gain a Danish licence. As for offshore companies, they can also receive a licence but must observe the terms and conditions and pay a tax. Moreover, Great Britain has also decided to rethink its taxation (see the article Great Britain: complete revision of online gaming).As for the state company Danke Spil which has the gaming monopoly, it is also getting ready to re-launch and to be ready for D-day. It must be said that the financial stakes are high and Danke Spil plans to keep a large part of the market. It also plans to be part of the lucrative online gaming market.

One after another the European countries have decided to legalise their online gaming markets. The main problem is that there is no common policy for all the European Union countries and that each country does its own thing. Countries like England and Malta have been pioneers as regards online gaming since they have opened up their markets for many years. Other countries impose too much tax on their operators who all lose money and some groups plan to withdraw due to a lack of sufficient funds. Denmark is going to legalise casino games, online poker and sport betting and will adjust its levels of taxation so that the operators will offer their games legally like in Italy where the AAMS is very slowly granting licences.

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