Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority has a New Board

Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority has a New BoardThe Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority recently announced its new board. The board is made up of five members. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority checks applications for gaming licences to make sure the operator meets the business, legal and ethical requirements under Maltese law to be granted a gambling licence. Malta is part of the British Commonwealth but it is an independent republic. It is among the largest online gambling jurisdictions in the world and has been a member of the European Union for the past nine years.
Malta was the first member of the European Union to regulate online gambling. Six years ago, Malta was added to the United Kingdom’s White List of countries whose gaming licences were recognised by the British authorities as following strict regulations. However with changes about to be made in the United Kingdom with the introduction of a point of consumption tax on online gambling, the Maltese authorities are looking into ways to block this new tax that would affect their licence holders.
The newly appointed board includes Mario Galea, who was the Chief Executive Officer of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority for four years from 2004. Mr. Galea, who now runs his own business in the United States helped to set Malta up as one of the largest and most well known centres for internet gambling. The board also includes Dr. R. Tua , R. Trapani Galea, C. Grech, Dr. C. Cilia. Malta was the first European Union state to regulate internet gaming and back in 2004 the Lotteries and Gaming Authority released the Remote Gaming Regulations, these regulations cover any device that can be used for remote gaming including the internet and mobile phones.
The 2004 updated Remote Gaming Regulations introduced four classes of gambling licences. These four licence classes cover all areas of remote gambling from those offering online casino games, to online sports betting, to betting exchanges and poker rooms, to software and management services providers. The licences are valid for a period of five years.

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