Resorts World Casino New York on Top

Resorts World Casino New YorkWhen New York got its first casino the hopes were high for the  tax income it would generate for the State of New York along with the employment it offered to local residents. After only eight months of operation the Resorts World Casino New York City is far exceeding any predictions made at its time of opening (read Resorts World Casino: the New York Casino). It is also surpassing well known gambling destinations such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City in terms of revenue.
In May 2012 Resorts World’s gross gaming income was 57.5 million dollars. This makes it the highest gambling income and tax generating slots gaming establishment in the United States. The State of New York has benefited by over 250 million dollars in tax revenue since the casino opened.Resorts World Casino opened at the end of October 2011 in Queens, New York. It has 5000 video gambling machines and electronic table games which have automated dealers instead of live dealers to comply with the state’s gambling laws. There are two casinos within Resorts World, the Times Square Casino has over 2 200 slot machines with a special area for High Roller players.
The Fifth Avenue casino in Resorts World has 2 245 slot machines and over 250 electronic gaming tables. The games on offer include roulette, baccarat, craps and sic bo. The casino at the Aqueduct racetrack in South Ozone Park in Queens also offers players two restaurants.Resorts World belongs to Genting New York which is part of the Genting group, one of the largest gaming companies in the UK and in South East Asia. Since 2001 electronic-only gambling without real dealers has been allowed by the state at nine racetracks but there were legal and other problems at the Aqueduct track and this greatly delayed the building of the Resorts World casino there.The casino has provided more than 3 000 jobs and while there was some opposition to its construction based on fears that the presence of a casino would cause increases in social problems and gambling addiction, the State of New York has benefited greatly from the revenue it is generating. Out of the over 250 million dollars provided in taxes by the casino, over 160 million has gone into education since the Resorts World Casino opened at the end of 2011.

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