American Casinos begin to recover from the economic crisis

casino in USABased on the American Gaming Association’s annual report it can be said that casinos in the United States are slowly beginning to recover from the effects of the economic down turn. This is good news for the country’s almost 500 casinos. American casinos provide employment for over 300 000 people and while employees wages decreased slightly the numbers employed only lessened by less than one percent.
Las Vegas remains the largest casino market in the United States and it is followed in size by the Pennsylvanian market which has recently taken over the place previously occupied by the Atlantic City gambling industry. It had been generally hoped that the recent opening of the Revel Casino Resort in Atlantic City would lead the industry there back to growth but so far reports of revenue from Revel’s first month of a preview to its official opening are not too encouraging. However following the official opening of the luxurious, 2.4 million dollar casino resort on Atlantic City’s sea front this month things should improve. (See article: Revel Atlantic City’s Newest Casino Opens for a Preview).In the whole of the United States casino revenue was just over 35 billion dollars in 2011 and in total state authorities benefited from tax income from the casinos of almost eight billion dollars which showed an increase on the figures for 2010.Several states showed increases in their revenue from casinos including New York where the Resorts World Casino opened in 2011. The Resorts World Casino with its 2400 slot machines is the first ever casino to be built in New York .This casino like most other American casinos offers a complete range of entertainment as well as casino games including restaurants, theatres, bars, shows and shops. About 25% of Americans visited a casino during the last year and according to the American Gaming Association about one quarter of these visitors did not gamble but were in the casino resort to avail of the other attractions also on offer.

Many states have only just had a full year of casinos operating or have had new casinos built and these have shown major growth in particular the state of Maryland where income from casinos rose by 128.10 million dollars. The states of Pennsylvania, Florida and Kansas also had an increase in casino revenue all encouraging signs of recovery in the industry.

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