Steve Wynn interested in Bwin and PartyGaming

Steve Wynn interested in Bwin-PartyGamingWhat if the American magnate, Steve Wynn was showing interest in the Bwin-PartyGaming group in order to become involved in the American online gaming market? Billionaire, Steve Wynn, owner of several casinos throughout the world- in particular the Wynn Casino- is quite interested in one of the largest online gaming groups in the world: Bwin-PartyGaming, in the light of the upcoming legalisation of online poker in the United Sates?
According to the “Independent” newspaper, the American magnate wishes to invest in online gaming before the United States legislates for online poker, sport betting and online casinos. It must be said though that nothing has yet been decided in the States especially when one is aware that  “Black Sunday” was horrific for the online poker industry when leading casinos like Pokerstars, Fulltilt and Absolute Poker were closed down by the FBI and that their directors are on the Interpol wanted list for money laundering and other offences. Steve Wynn was a strong opponent of the legalisation of online gaming in the United States but changed his mind because the Bwin-PartyGaming group interests him greatly.It could happen that the United States will legislate for online gaming and that online poker rooms will have to join with land based casinos in order to be able to legally offer poker tournaments.
In this case Steve Wynn could go into partnership with online gaming specialists in particular Bwin-PartyGaming. In fact Bwin is one of the world leaders in sport betting and its brand name is known worldwide thanks to its sponsorship of the Spanish football club Real Madrid. As for PartyGaming, this group specialises in online casinos and online poker and is among the best casinos in Europe. These groups have always obeyed the American legislation and withdrew when President Bush banned online gaming. In contrast, groups like Pokerstars and Fulltilt Poker remained in the market and made billions of dollars before being caught a few months ago by the FBI. Poker rooms belonging to several software groups like Playtech and Microgaming withdrew from the American market and online casinos like William Hill Casino and All Slots Casino had to give up offering their casino games to American players. There are other online casinos which remained in the “yankee” market such as Rome Casino or Diceland Casino which are among the leaders on the other side of the Atlantic.It is not known if this information is just a rumour but one thing is sure and that is that the Bwin.Party shares rose on the London stock exchange. Steve Wynn, owner of casinos in Las Vegas and Macau is the 512th richest person in the world with more than 2 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine. Online gaming in the United States is in a period of change and should develop in accordance with the pressure groups which are working continuously so that online gaming may be legalised. However, land based casino lobbies are putting on the pressure so that online casinos won’t be legalised for fear that land based casinos would see a fall off in visitors to their establishments.

One will find out in a few months (or years) how the online gaming industry in the United States will react and if the partnerships of online casino groups and land based casino groups will take place.

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