Online Casino: Big Wins Pure Luck or Technical Faults ?

Online Casino EurobetAlmost every player either in a land based casino or an online casino dreams of winning big. While the winning gambler can hardly believe his or her good luck often the paying out casino will discover that in their opinion luck or skill had nothing to do with the win and that it is simply due to a technical fault. In cases like this the unfortunate winner is sometimes taken to court.
However big wins often take place.A major win of 707 665 euros is at the centre of a dispute between the Italian online gambler who claims he won this amount fairly and the online gambling website Eurobet which puts the win down to a technical glitch. The actual win took place in 2009 and is only going to court in London now.Eurobet was the first company to accept online bets in 1996. It became part of the large UK bookmaker group Coral in 1999. However in September 2011, the Gala Coral group stopped using the name and closed the site but has continued with its Italian site. It is believed the .com site was closed to deal with changes in gambling laws in Spain and Greece, both countries whose online gambling markets are targeted by the Gala Coral group.Bruno Venturi a 41 year old from Naples in Italy won the amount of 707 665 euros from an original 20 euro bet while playing on his computer at home. He had been a player on the site for two years before his big win. The more he won, the more he bet. He finally stopped gambling but when he contacted the online casino Eurobet, to arrange to collect his winnings he was told that due to a software upgrade affecting the game that the win was void. He was informed that not all of his bets were charged and so the odds were changed. Bruno Venturi’s legal representative claims that he followed the online casino’s instructions onscreen and was not told at any point that there was a problem with the online casino site. The case in the London High Court is ongoing.In a slightly different way a technical error was behind a gambler’s loss rather than win  of 1 and a half million dollars. Pensioner Ronald Page in Detroit, USA went on a gambling spree when an ATM machine allowed him to make an unlimited number of cash withdrawals even though his account didn’t hold sufficient funds. Mr. Page gambled the money in local casinos and is now awaiting sentencing as he was found guilty of “theft of bank funds”.

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