Bet365 VIP Reward Scheme even Better

Bet365Bet365 is a privately owned company, licensed in Gibraltar and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It is now one of the world’s largest online gaming groups employing 1 700 people and has grown to this level from a betting office chain of shops in the UK. Bet365 Poker is affiliated to the internet’s most popular poker network, iPoker. Bet365 has more than seven million clients worldwide and along with poker it offers sports betting, horse racing betting and casino games including a very wide range of slot machines, live roulette and blackjack to name a few.
Bet365 has always had an impressive first deposit bonus and reward scheme which includes cash bonuses and tournament buy-ins to encourage loyalty among its clients. Now however, bet365 has made its poker room even more attractive to both new and existing customers by improving its reward system for players. The reward scheme known as the VIP scheme is now giving players 25% more in rewards than before. Players build up Merit Points based on their play in the bet365 poker room and with the improvements to the reward scheme they do not need to increase the Merit Points needed for Cash Rewards to benefit from the 25% extra on cash in. The reward system has different levels and six of these VIP levels already in place in the reward scheme have been increased.
Thanks to the increases a player on Gold level with a minimum of 200 000 Merit Points could claim up to 3 500 dollars. Players on the higher Platinum level who have a minimum of five million Merit Points could have access to up to 165 000 dollars in extra rewards.As part of its improvements to its reward scheme bet365 has introduced a completely new Loyalty Reward which increases the value of the VIP scheme even more. The online casino’s most loyal VIP members are recognised for Loyalty Rewards and could gain rewards of up to 1750 dollars. By signing up for the bet365 Poker loyalty bonus one will receive a bonus that is 200% of the initial deposit up to 1000 dollars. Along with the sign up bonus players get a free tournament token.

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