Land based casinos in the State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts open 3 casinosSince the American economy is in a pitiful way the states are trying everything to generate income. So the State of Massachusetts has decided to open three land based casinos and a slot machine arcade. It must be said that since 2008 the economy has been in trouble with the sub primes crisis and a recession that continues to cause damage.
The governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick has succeeded in his plan to legalise casino games and is going to make a whole range of games available to players which will finance several projects thanks to the taxes deducted by the state.This state will put the State of New Jersey, which has a large part of its economy dependent on gaming, in the shade. In fact New Jersey like Nevada has banked on land based casinos which provide billions of dollars in deductions. These two states aren’t very pleased by the opening of casinos all over the United States. New York has opened its first actual casino (see the article: Resorts World Casino: the New York casino) and other states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland or Delaware have done the same.  These land based casinos make the economy more dynamic by creating new jobs especially in this time of deep recession.The State of Massachusetts has just joined the long list of states offering casino games. An important source of revenue, the states have no choice but to open casinos to acquire a rapid source of income to the detriment of the locals who play in the hope of winning the jackpot. Besides it has been proven that in times of economic crisis that games of chance are very popular as players hope to win large amounts and to fulfil their dreams.

For decades the United States was the nerve centre of international gaming with Las Vegas leading closely followed by Atlantic City. Surpassed by Macau and Singapore, the American casinos are finding it difficult to face up to the Asian competition and are looking to diversify by offering their services on the internet. So it may happen that online games could be legalised quite quickly in the United States and that online casinos, online poker and sports betting may be legally available to players living in the United States (see the article Online casinos await a new law in the United States). Some states see gaming as a means of recovering financially and so plan to legalise online gaming so as to impose exorbitant taxes since millions of players in the United States and in the whole world love gaming. However some “anti-gambling” groups oppose the opening up of this market which could significantly increase the number of players addicted to gambling.

Before George Bush Junior banned online gaming, many online casinos in particular those using Playtech and Microgaming software offered slot machines and other traditional games. Nowadays in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, the states are searching by any means to find solutions to increase the state income: some are opening land based casinos and others are hoping for the legalisation of online casinos.

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