William Hill Casino: from Tel Aviv to Gibraltar ?

William Hill Group and PlaytechThings are not going well in the offices of Affiliates United the company in charge of William Hill Online’s affiliation and customer service. The William Hill Online group which has offices in Gibraltar and in the United Kingdom wishes to repatriate its affiliation business and customer service to these two countries.
The problem is that the business is managed by Affiliate United which is based in the centre of Tel Aviv (Israel). Following the decision to repatriate these businesses, the Affiliates United employees stopped work in solidarity with the director of marketing, Eyal Sanoff, who resigned at the end of September to protest against this decision of the parent company. So the William Hill Online management went to Israel to try to find a solution so that the business wouldn’t be too badly affected. It must be mentioned that 180 jobs are affected and that signs of protest have also been seen in other offices such as those in Bulgaria and the Philippines.The directors of William Hill Online announced that the sales and marketing operations would stay in Tel Aviv.
However, according to some sources, the parent company plans to manage the affiliation business itself from its Gibraltar and United Kingdom offices. In other words this thorny subject is very vague. William Hill and Playtech set up a joint venture in 2008 and the affiliations and a part of customer service are managed from the Tel Aviv offices. Thanks to the Afftud team’s experience in the area of online gambling, the William Hill group was able to become one of the leaders in the world of online gaming in Europe. Moreover, William Hill was granted an online casino licence by the Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS) and William Hill can legally offer casino games to Italian players. The William Hill Casino is also legal in the United Kingdom and wishes to have legal licences in the countries which authorise online casinos while paying high taxes.

A Reprieve for the William Hill Affiliation Business ?

The William Hill management is in Tel Aviv to try to find common ground with the company in charge of managing affiliation and all the sites bringing in business (William Hill Casino). The real back bone of the group, affiliation is vital for casino groups and in the event of a problem it could be that the transfer from the Israeli company and the one in Gibraltar could have quite an effect on the group’s turnover. It’s not yet clear whether the William Hill affiliation business will be managed by the Israeli or English team but one thing is sure, jobs are in danger and the negotiations will be tough.

The joint venture between Playtech, the online games designer and the William Hill Online group caused the Playtech shares to drop dramatically on the stock exchange and the relationship between these two leading figures in online gaming has never been great. It could be that this decision may just widen the gap between the Israeli Playtech and the English William Hill.

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