Online casinos await a new law in the United States

Online casino in the USAAll online gaming operators in particular online casino operators are in the starting blocks ready to press the button that will allow players move from fun mode (or free mode) to being real money players. It must be said that along with the Asian market the American market is the most lucrative in the world.
Moreover, before President George Bush Junior passed a law banning online gaming sites (casino games, poker, horse racing, sports betting –editor’s note), the leading casino groups brought in millions of dollars each month. In fact the casinos using Playtech, Microgaming, 888 and other online gaming software accepted players living in the United States and took advantage of the prevailing vagueness to build up a data base of players which is enough to make the competition envious. Groups like PartyGaming, Euro Partners, William Hill were involved in a merciless battle to have a piece of the cake. American players rushed to the best performing online casinos and bet amazing amounts. Then in 2006 there was a terrible blow to the income of these groups which have concentrated on the European market since the law against cash gaming sites came into force.

Legalisation of online casinos in the United States

After five years of the online gaming market being “closed” in the United States lobby groups are continuously engaged in a battle between the pro- legislation and the anti online casino groups. Land based casinos which are having difficulty coping with the economic crisis see online gaming as a means of growth which will bring in cash to the real casinos. Groups of land based casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City wish to launch their own online casinos as do the Indian tribes who are protesting against the next delivery of legal casino licences while their own casino is not available (see article: Kahnawake Indian Reservation Wishes to have its own Casino).

The financial stakes are so colossal that the online gaming operators are just waiting to acquire a legal gaming licence in order to offer games of slot machines, baccarat, online roulette, blackjack and craps to players who are passionate about gaming. It must be said that there are plenty of high roller players in the United States since there are no less than 4 715 000 millionaires. Also casinos are the most profitable sector for the operators because players bet more in games such as slot machines due to the adrenalin rush and cumulative jackpots which involve breathtaking amounts.

All the operators are ready for D-Day when the licences will be granted in return for the high taxes to be paid but even so online casinos will be profitable.

Without a doubt the United States is a goldmine for online casino sites and this has been well understood by Rome Casino which has offered its services for several years to American players.

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