Possibility to Bet on Computer video Games

Fifa 2012For a long time there has been a great between players of computer games on PCs or on game consoles and players who gamble in either land based or online casinos. Now the gap is narrowing with the appearance on the internet of new online betting sites where video game players will have the possibility to bet on the outcome of the tournament or quest they are involved in.
It is predicted that this new type of betting will become very popular over the next few years. In a manner that is similar to online casino players moving from fun mode to real money mode in an online casino, video gamers of popular titles such as FIFA 12, Halo, Starcraft 2 and PES 12, will be able to sign up on the website and after choosing a game and an outcome on which to bet they will be able to electronically transfer real money to their account and wager.Games such as FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, Starcraft 2 and Halo Reach which can be played on a computer, Play Station 3 or Xbox 360 can be bet on on the Multeegaming site. The Multeegaming website was created by five French engineering and business students so that video gamers could meet up online and bet on the outcome of their games. The company which now employs seven people was set up by the students as part of a system to encourage start ups in the area of information technology and communication among students. The Multeegaming proposal was accepted as a start up in 2009 and this developed into the present website. The website operates by having players of any video game meeting online and betting against any other player as an adversary.
The winner of the tournament or quest gets the whole of the amount wagered less a commission of 10% which is given to Multeegaming.On the Multeegaming site there is a function available to ensure fairness and players can be “matched” with others of a similar level and who wish to bet the same amount. Like in some online casinos there is a welcome bonus which can be up to 50 euros on a first deposit. Again similar to in some online casinos there is also the possibility to “chat” to other gamers. Players can also connect through their Facebook account and receive a credit of 2€ to their account.Betting on the game one is playing could be considered to be similar to playing poker but there is a huge difference between the two types of games. Poker is a game of chance but video games such as Halo Reach of FIFA 12 are games of skill which require dexterity and the use of strategies. This adds to the excitement of betting on the outcome of the game, tournament or challenge of a computer or console video game.

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