Priest steals parish funds to gamble

ChurchUsually gaming is looked on as a means of having an enjoyable time. Depending on which they prefer players can go to a casino or play in their own homes on specialist sites. It does happen, however, that for some players gambling has become a drug and it is a real battle to escape this downward spiral. Gaming operators are perfectly well aware of the risks involved in their offers and this is the reason why they spend large amounts to avoid any risk of addiction.
Specialists are available to listen to players and to help them if asked.This problem of compulsive gambling is also found in the United States. According to some studies it seems that all social classes are affected. But the most surprising thing is that even men of the cloth aren’t immune to the temptation to gamble. It was in this way that a catholic priest in the State of Illinois was declared a compulsive gambler. Even though this behaviour isn’t too unusual, it wouldn’t have attracted much attention if the priest hadn’t gambled with his parish funds. The man had no other choice but to admit to the charges against him. He admitted to having taken this money since 2006, the date on which he was made parish priest of St. Walter’s church.Gambling had taken over his life so much that he didn’t have the necessary money to satisfy his passion for gaming. He started to use the church money thinking that he’d win a large amount of money so that he could repay his “loan”. But unfortunately as is often the case with addicted gamblers he got caught up in a real downward spiral and he used more and more of the parish money without repaying even a cent.

So much so that over five years he took 300 000$ and really didn’t show any signs of responsible gaming. The priest could have carried on for much longer if one of the accountants hadn’t noticed the large church deficit. The latter couldn’t understand why there was such a discrepancy between income and expenditure. After a detailed investigation, he noticed, with the help of a banker that the transfers had been made to a Riverboats Casino account. The priest is now in prison with a possible sentence of up to 15 years. He may no longer practise as a priest and has to wait at least another year before finding out his actual sentence.

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