BetOnSoft and Europa

Betonsoft softwareThe casino games supplier BetOnSoft is beginning to distance itself from the casino market in the United States. In fact, like many other casino games editors including Rival, BetOnSoft is concentrating its business in Europe so as to gain market share and it is abandoning the United States.
It must be said that since the infamous “Black Sunday” everything has changed. We need to recap in order to understand the new strategy of online casinos and other gaming platforms which prefer to withdraw from the American market. “Black Sunday” is a term used in the online gaming industry to refer to the day that shook the world of poker and online gaming in the United States. The FBI closed down the largest online poker sites in the world including Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute poker. Even though online gaming sites have been banned since 2006, many online rooms and casinos continued to illegally offer their services to American players. During this infamous “Black Sunday” the FBI issued international arrest warrants for the directors of the illegal sites and immediately closed down these sites.
It must be said that this hard blow to the gaming sites was a complete catastrophe and some people have even spoke about a “9/11” for online gaming, symbolically speaking.Since “Black Sunday” the world of gaming in the United States has been in confusion and the operators have had to revise their strategy. BetOnSoft plans to concentrate on European countries but the competition is fierce with giants like Microgaming and Playtech not forgetting the groups who have benefited from the exodus to Europe to gain a good place for themselves in particular the group Top Game.Europe is attracting the attention of online gaming editors. The main snag is a major lack of agreement between the European countries who do not speak as one. In fact each European Union goes its own way as regards legalising as regards legalising online gaming even though the European Commission checks that online gaming is regulated. Even though Britain and Malta are in the forefront in Europe and were the first to legalise casino games, horse racing, poker and sport betting, countries like France, Italy, Spain and Germany have taken their time. In fact France only legalised the online gaming market in 2010 and Spain has just granted its first online casino licence. Italy legalised all online casino gaming by granting very expensive licences and Germany has not yet decided on its strategy but will probably follow France and Italy.

American players will probably have more and more difficulty playing their favourite games freely due to the departure of operators afraid of being investigated by the FBI. On the other hand, European players should notice a major influx of operators offering their services. The competition between operators should be stiff and many specialists agree that the future of online gaming lies in the present international gaming capital: Asia.

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