Zynga Expresses Interest in Online Gambling

Social Gaming ZyngaZynga, the leading social network gaming developer is reported to be expressing an interest in moving into the area of online gambling. Social gaming is hugely popular worldwide and Zynga is a leading app on Facebook with over 30 million users every month and its new casino app is attracting more and more users.
Zynga is available in over 150 countries around the world and its apps attract well over 2 million users in these countries monthly on social networks and mobile platforms.Zynga’s poker game “Zynga Poker” which is played by more than 7 million players each day is the largest poker game on the internet. It is played without actual money being involved but Zynga has recently said that there is an interest in gambling with real money. To this end Zynga has been talking to several companies with a view to exploring the move from social network gaming to online gambling. It is not yet known whether Zynga would look for a partner or would acquire a company already involved in the market. Such a move would involve possibly being in competition with existing online gambling operators and it is not clear whether Zynga would benefit from becoming involved in real money online gaming.One such partnership which has been mentioned is with the Wynn Resorts group which is based in Las Vegas. Since Zynga is based in San Francisco such a partnership with a view to entering the online gambling market would involve a wait to see what will happen in the future should online gambling become legal. Several states are moving in this direction on an individual basis as moves on a federal level are extremely slow.

The individual states are considering their own legislation since the Department of Justice in the United States released its opinion on the 1961 Wire Act which says interstate wire communications not related to a sporting event do not come under the terms of the act. This has been taken to mean that online poker and casino games are no longer illegal. It remains to be seen if online gambling will become legal and if it will be to the advantage of Zynga to enter the market.


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