BwinParty Waiting to Launch Online Poker in the US

Bwin PartyBwin Party which was formed last year from Bwin Interactive Entertainment and Party Gaming is one of the world’s largest online poker companies. Bwin Party Digital Entertainment has its headquarters in Gibraltar. Since it had to withdraw from the American market in 2006 its activities are Europe based.
However the company is just waiting for the United States Congress to rule on possible federal legislation for internet poker before it launches again in the United States.Bwin Party owns the World Poker Tour which it acquired in 2009, the online poker site Party, online betting websites and several online casinos offering European players slot machines, bingo and table games including roulette, blackjack and poker. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.Before the United States Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act in 2006 , Party Gaming offered American players real money online poker.
The day the act was passed, Party Gaming pulled out of the American market even though this impacted greatly on the company since almost 80 per cent of its business came from the United States. However since the company wishes to legally re- enter the United States market whenever online gambling legislation may be passed, it came to an agreement with the United States authorities and paid  a fine of over 100 million dollars over four years. Payment of this fine means that Bwin Party will not be prosecuted in the future and will be permitted to enter the American online poker market as soon as legislation is passed.The problem facing Bwin Party and other companies wishing to enter or re-enter the United States online gambling market is the fact that there is so far no federal legislation covering the area. Jim Ryan one of the joint Chief Executive Officers of Bwin Party has said that the company is ready to enter the market on a state by state basis if that is the way online poker becomes legal in the absence of federal legislation.

At the moment it appears that intrastate online poker may become legal in several states. Bwin Party has agreements in place with American gaming companies to jointly operate online poker rooms pending legislation.

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