A Lottery Millionaire- she still got food coupons!

Amanda ClaytonAmanda Clayton is now well known in the United States. In fact the young woman is the happy winner of a lottery who pocketed no less than a million dollars. This lady who lives in the state of Michigan is in the spotlight not for her amazing win (in the United States such a sum is considered a small win – editor’s note) but because this unemployed lady continued to receive food coupons.

A Millionaire and 200$ in food coupons monthly

This young woman of 24 shared her happiness by welcoming a television crew into her home. The problem is that she was naive enough to open an envelope containing food coupons in front of the cameras. So this blunder quickly did the rounds of the American television stations showing a young millionaire who continued to receive food coupons. Being naïve, she didn’t think of updating her financial situation with the state so that other families in need could benefit from her food coupons.

After the report was aired, the media got involved in the affair and Amanda Clayton became fodder for the American press. Also needless to say, this new millionaire who owns two houses has been removed from the list of those who need state aid to eat. It must be said that the player who won a million dollars in September was still receiving the monthly 200$ food vouchers 6 months after her win. Such nerve for a rich person to receive such a sum when millions of Americans really need it even if the amount seems small it’s still so important for certain families.

The player isn’t the only one to blame in this affair since the food assistance programme should have updated its database so it wouldn’t send any more food coupons. Besides, this story isn’t a one off because a player who won 2 million dollars in 2010 confirmed last spring that he was still receiving his food coupons.

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