Founder of Absolute Poker Released Early from Prison

Founder of Absolute Poker Released Early from PrisonBrent Beckley co-founded Absolute poker with Scott Tom and became the payment processor for the company which was one of the world’s largest online poker web sites. Beckley was with Absolute Poker which was based in Costa Rica from when he joined the company in 2003 to April 2011. Absolute Poker along with Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars, the three largest internet poker sites had their domain names seized by United States Federal Agents and their web sites were closed down on April 11th 2011, a date  known in the poker world as “Black Friday.
In 2011 Brent Beckley was one of twelve people charged with bank fraud and with breaking United States gambling laws. It was alleged that he set out to deceive American banks into unknowingly processing income from online gambling which was illegal in the United States. He was charged with having Absolute Poker’s income processed as payroll expenses, marketing expenditure or as online purchases. At the time of being charged Beckley pleaded guilty to the charges of breaching legislation against online gambling and to bank fraud and could have faced up to thirty years in prison although he did enter a plea bargain  and so faced a reduced sentence. When Beckley was sentenced to 14 months in jail in July of 2012, his was the longest sentence handed down up to that time for those involved in the Black Friday crack down.Recently, Beckley was released from prison early after serving almost a year of his sentence. His actual time in prison is believed to have been about ten months. When he was sentenced Beckley told the judge “ I fooled myself into believing that what I was doing was ok.”

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