Californian Tribes Put Forward Their Own Proposed Poker Bill

Californian Tribes Put Forward Their Own Proposed Poker BillIn the state of California, casino gambling is only permitted in casinos owned by Native American tribes. There are over forty Tribal casinos in California at the moment and these are the only ones where slot machines are legal. Along side these Las Vegas type casinos run by the tribes there are over 80 card rooms that are legal in the state. There have been attempts by native American tribes in several states to become involved in online gambling in those states where there is movement to allow online gambling.
In Connecticut the two most successful land based casinos and also the largest in the United States are both run by Native American tribes. Foxwoods Casino Resort is run by the Mashantucket Pequot tribe and the Mohegan tribe run the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort. Due to this success, the governor of Connecticut may involve the tribes in any future online gambling moves.Based on such success stories, the Native American tribes in California have taken things into their own hands and got together to work towards having online poker available to players within California. They have produced a draft bill to legalise online poker during this year’s sitting of the state legislature. If this proposed legislation were to be accepted it would mean that online poker web sites would be granted licences by the tribal casinos or the legal card rooms in the state. This draft bill is supported by the  Pechanga group of the Luiseno Tribe and the Agua Caliente group of the Cahuilla Tribe.
The proposed California Online Poker Bill contains several strict conditions and regulations among these is the fact that only the tribes and legal card rooms and not race tracks, would be able to offer online poker. These operators would have had to be operating in the state for 5 years before the bill became law. It also stipulates that poker is the only online gambling in question. There would be strict regulation covering illegal poker sites.
The Californian Native American tribes hope that by putting forward their own proposed draft legislation that they will be the future of online poker within the state’s borders.

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