Professional Poker Players Cheat at Craps

Dice Sliding CrapsThe Wynn casino has just fallen victim to professional poker players: Leo Fernandez, a member of the Poker Stars team and Veronica Dabul. We need to go back to the 18th of July 2011 to understand what these two important poker figures are accused of. Not only did these two players steal from the Wynn casino texas holdem poker tables but they also won 700 000 dollars! In fact Leo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul used “Dice Sliding” to win at craps.
The game of craps involves throwing two dice and the aim is to reach the number 7. Only three combinations can win: 6+1, 5+2 and 4+3. “Dice Sliding” involves throwing the two dice without them “rolling” and this method requires a specific type of throw so that the winning numbers stay on the outside visible to the dealer. It seems that the pair of cheaters used acquaintances to distract the dealers so that the couple could steal enormous amounts. While looking at the video tapes the Wynn casino confirmed that the dice didn’t spin on the table and therefore that the “Dice Sliding” method had really been used.
Craps is a very popular game in the United States and one often sees it in films from Hollywood. There are techniques to win at casino games in particular craps and blackjack but not everyone has this gift. Mastering the game and calculating probabilities require a high level of intelligence and in blackjack in particular to remember the cards already used. In craps particularly during the “Dice Sliding” trick the protagonists have perfect mastery of throwing the dice and the help from accomplices sitting at the table to distract the dealer played a major role.At least in online casinos, the game of craps cannot fall victim to such players. Some online casinos offer the game of craps with live dealers but the dice aren’t thrown on a table they are mixed up in a sort of transparent bal. With such a mix it’s certain that the number 7 only turns up by pure chance. On the other hand, in land based casinos players can throw the dice by making them spin and fall on the number 7 with a combination of the 2 dice. However, once again it is all a question of practice.The Wynn Casino brought charges against Leo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul who were released by the police due to insufficient evidence. In fact on the video tapes it wasn’t possible to identify the two poker players at the craps table and they don’t have to return their winnings.

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