New Games from Betfair


Betfair one of the largest internet sports betting providers and also the largest betting exchange in the world has brought out new multi-player games. These peer to peer games are based on poker in the case of Poker Cubed and also on backgammon. There is also a newly released soccer based game “Sensible Soccer”.Founded in 1999, Betfair now has over 2000 employees worldwide. Due to technological advances it now has over 3 million customers and carries out over 5 million transactions per day. It was quoted on the stock exchange in 2010 and in 2011 in a move similar to that of William Hill, it moved part of its business from the UK to Gibraltar in order to lessen its tax burden.Betfair provides sports betting, casino games, multiplayer games, arcade games and poker. It has signed agreements with several sports governing bodies to share information and so prevent betting fraud. (See article: Olympic Games 2012 : threat of illegal wagering to be monitored.) It is the leading internet betting exchange where the players bet on odds set by other customers and so there is no need for a bookmaker. Initially Betfair had difficulties because of this concept which meant that bookmakers lost income and therefore governments lost tax revenue. It has also produced a sports betting app for mobile phones (See article: Mobile Gambling Gaining in Popularity).Betfair’s release of the “Sensible Soccer Euro Cup” game is a 5 reel, slots version. It also has a bonus where the player can bet on a team and track their progress in a tournament. The original “Sensible Soccer”, a football video game, was popular in the early 1990s. In 1995 it was re-released in a 3d version.

The other Betfair releases include backgammon, where a player can play in a single game or in a match series or tournament.  The Poker Cubed games are Dice Hold’em, Liar’s Dice and Shoot the Moons. The innovation is that in these peer to peer poker based games, the cards are replaced by dice. In Shoot the Moons two dice are rolled three times and betting follows. It is somewhat similar to Stud poker in that some dice are revealed and some are hidden. Liar’s Dice has players with 5 six sided dice each and involves bluffing and bidding based on the outcome of the 10 partially revealed dice. Dice Hold’em is based on Texas Hold’em except that the player is dealt two dice and also there are no flushes in Dice Hold’em.

These releases from Betfair should appeal to a broad range of players covering as they do new and interesting versions of the popular base games.

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