Illegal Casino boat gambling investigation in the USA

Diamond Casino Cruise : the gambling boat

After an ongoing investigation of several months federal prosecutors have accused a cruise ship company, Diamond Casino Cruise of carrying out illegal gambling activity on board the casino boat, the Diamond Royale. The indictment claims that the illegal gambling took place while the boat was operating its casino in the coastal waters off the states

Casino Resort Development in the Growing Philippine Gambling Market

Plilippine gambling market

While some reports may indicate a certain cooling down in the growth of the gambling industry in Asia there continues to be major investment in the region. The casino gambling markets in both Vietnam and the Philippines are among the latest to receive large scale investment and alongside the continuous growth in the key Asian

Russia Plans Major Casino Resorts

casino resorts in Russia

Russia has four specific areas named by the government where gambling is legal. One of these territories, a region close to the borders of China and Korea is planning to develop a casino gambling and entertainment area near the city of Vladivostok. The Russians hope to develop up to 12 casinos in the first phase

New Mobile Casino from Playtech

Playtech buy Mobenga

There has been a major increase in the use of mobile phones for both sports betting and mobile casino gambling in recent years. (See article: Mobile Gambling Gaining in Popularity). A recent report in the United States has forecast an increase in world wide spending on mobile gambling of up to five times the approximately