Moneybookers becomes Skrill

Skrill is MoneybookersOne of the best online payment methods has just had a makeover : Moneybookers. Or rather Skrill now! In fact Moneybookers has changed its name and has exchanged it for a brand which distinguishes itself from money so it is “Skrill” (from the word skill). Changing name is quite common when a group wishes to develop and to get rid of an image it has been stuck with. In the case of Moneybookers, this payment method is too strongly linked with money in contrast to Neteller one of its main competitors.On the Moneybookers’ site homepage one can see the Moneybookers logo with the Skrill brand along with the slogan “Moneybookers is becoming Skrill…a fresh look at payments”. The idea of money is gone and from now on the communication emphasises payments and not just money alone.Changing name is not a rare occurrence and the land based casino group Moliflor changed its name to become Joagroupe. In fact the group had an old fashioned image and over the space of a few years all of the group’s land based casinos changed their names and became Joa. The name was changed, the logo also and the casinos were rejuvenated with bright colours which make them good to play in. This strategic 180 degree turn around was possible thanks to the excellent President of the Joagroup management Laurent Lassiaz. He played havoc with the casino codes by making the casino a living space which is not just a gaming area but one offering entertainment in all of its forms: restaurants, bars, discotheques, cinemas, theatres.

In the online gaming sector, name changes have also taken place such as with the casino affiliation group Casino Partners which became Euro Partners. In this way Euro Partners doesn’t just only have the image of casinos anymore and with its new name is concentrating more on a European dimension.

Moreover other businesses are also affected by the phenomenon of name changing. In fact since the Dominique Strauss Kahn affair which has become the “Sofitel affair”  the Accor group’s image has been negatively affected and it was thought that the group was going to change name to distance itself from this affair which is likely to be linked to the group for many more years. The same goes for the new Lille Carlton affair which the courts have decided to investigate and the Carlton will probably be in the headlines for many weeks as more revelations are made.

With the Moneybookers’ name change the service is the same and online casino players will still be able to access this payment method to play the games of their choosing.

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