Resorts World Casino: the New York Casino

Resorts World Casinos New York CItyFrom now on New Yorkers will be able to indulge their passion for casino games since the Resorts World Casino opened. In fact the Resorts World Casino is the first ever New York land based casino and it opened its doors on the 28th of October last in the area of Queens. Since the law was changed the State of New York can open casinos but not like the casinos that one can find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Newest Generation Slot Machines

The Resorts World Casino has no less than 2400 of the latest slot machines available to players who are passionate about these. Like in every American casino, the slot machine rooms alone are real labyrinths and these 2400 slot machines use the latest technology.Table games are also available to players but the absence of dealers is still a weak point because the casino loses a bit of its human touch. This is surprising given the fact that online casinos try to provide even more of a human touch by making games with live dealers (Celtic Casino) available to players whereas in the Resorts World Casino the opposite is true due to the law in the State of New York.

Resorts World Centre: a leisure centre

As is the case in every American casino, the casino games make up only part of the attractions made available to players. In fact there is every type of entertainment in the Resorts World Casino with shows, concerts, bars and restaurants not forgetting a shopping centre as only the Americans know how to build them.Gaming is widespread in the United States and it’s not for nothing that the largest casinos are in Las Vegas and Atlantic City even though Macau and Singapore have taken over the leading position as international gaming capitals. Moreover, online casinos should soon be legalised in the United States and land based casinos have already started to create their own casinos.
Groups such as Playtech and Microgaming are to collaborate with land based casino groups such as Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands or Steve Wynn’s Wynn Resort to launch online casino games during 2012. The online casino market in the United States is immense and there are many more high roller players than in Europe which explains the interest of the online casino groups in conquering this market worth several billion dollars each year.

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