Blackjack at a Poolside in Las Vegas

Casears Palace: blackjack at poolside

Las Vegas continually amazes the whole world with its majestic casinos with immense rooms, its thousands of slot machines and its baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps and poker tables as far as the eye can see. Gaming is everywhere in Las Vegas and it is possible to play slot machines no matter where you are… including

Moneybookers becomes Skrill

Skrill is Moneybookers

One of the best online payment methods has just had a makeover : Moneybookers. Or rather Skrill now! In fact Moneybookers has changed its name and has exchanged it for a brand which distinguishes itself from money so it is “Skrill” (from the word skill). Changing name is quite common when a group wishes to develop

Casino : Mini Las Vegas near Madrid

Mini Las Vegas in Madrid

The Spanish economy is in a pitiful state especially when one takes into consideration that the rate of unemployment is over 22% and that many young highly qualified people have no other choice than to accept jobs beneath their qualifications. Spain is holding its breath concerning a project that could give the city of Madrid