Neteller Accepts the Paysafecard

Paysafecard prepaid cardNeteller has once again demonstrated its willingness to make life easier for its millions of users worldwide. In fact, Neteller, one of the leaders in alternative payment methods, is an electric wallet whose company is listed on the stock exchange.
Neteller has just started to use the Paysafecard enabling its clients to make deposits with complete security. The world of online gaming uses the services of Neteller which are reputed for their reliability and seriousness. Worldwide there are no less than 400 000 suppliers of Paysafecards in local tobacconists and on the website one can find the nearest one. There are prepaid cards ranging from 10€ to 100€ and each card has a 16 character code. So a Neteller client should connect to his account and choose the Paysafecard method and indicate the amount of his deposit by supplying the 16 character Paysafecard code and then validate the confirmation. And that’s it!
Paysafecard is an excellent solution for fans of online casinos to play their chosen games without having to use their credit card. In fact it can happen that credit cards aren’t accepted or that there are processing problems. In this case prepaid cards are a simple, quick solution avoiding the worries associated with cards such as Visa, American Express or Mastercard. Nothing is easier than using prepaid cards and even more so since Neteller now accepts the Paysafecard which is available in every European country and also in Scandinavia and many other countries.Neteller continues to surprise because this leader among electronic wallets plans to also offer eWire but it’s still much too early to unveil the even more attractive advantages for online casino players. If you don’t have Neteller accounts, it’s high time to open an account which will allow you to access the casino of your choice and also to withdraw money from any cash machine no matter where you are in the world!

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