A Canadian wins 21 million dollars in the Lotto Max

Lotto Max CanadaA Canadian had the pleasant surprise on returning from his holiday of being the lucky winner of the Lotto Max. Craig Henshaw, a teacher by profession had set off with his backpack for a few weeks travel in Europe. On his return he checked the ticket which he had validated the day before his departure and he saw that he had won 21 million dollars.
Thinking that he had won 21 000 dollars, Craig Henshaw had difficulty believing that he had become a millionaire. It must be said that the chances of winning the lottery are minimal and discovering that one has become a millionaire from one day to the next requires a certain amount of time to become accustomed to a new way of life.Winning the lottery is purely based on chance and the probability of winning the Euro Millions is less than being hit by lightening. The United States, Canada and Europe with Euro Millions have put in place lotteries that attract millions of players with the jackpot’s financial stakes. Who has never dreamed of having a fortune and of radically changing one’s life? It is obvious that Craig Henshaw who intends to travel in Europe with his girl friend won’t take off with his backpack and couch surf but will be more likely to stay in European five star hotels.The game of loto which depends uniquely on chance can be compared to slot machines. The two games are complete opposites but they depend completely on chance. There are no rules to master in order to check the loto boxes or to pull on a handle which sets off the rollers on a one arm bandit. It’s true that slot machines are the most popular because they are simple to play and the winnings can be very high. In a lottery like in a cumulative jackpot players can become euro millionaires and one has seen it several times with the Euro Millions and also with the Partouche Megapot and the Magic Casinos Jackpot (Progressives jackpots in France). Besides slot machines and Keno other casino games such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack and craps are games that require a basic knowledge of the rules of the game as well as calculations of probability.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to radically change one’s life but one needs to have luck on one’s side.

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