Online Casinos Legal in Belgium

Online casino BelgiumBelgium is about to legalise its online casinos from next month. In fact some Belgian online casinos will be able to legally offer their games of slot machines, baccarat, craps, blackjack, cumulative jackpots and other video poker games and keno. No doubt Belgian casino players will rush to the legal online casinos in September.
It will be the same for online poker and sport betting sites. Only operators with a Belgian licence may offer their services to Belgian players from next month. Only groups holding a licence for land based casinos will be permitted to offer online casino games. The Partouche group already in Belgium will be able to offer casino games to Belgian players since it has three casinos in Belgium: Dinant Casino, Knokke Casino and Ostend Casino.

A new era for legal Belgian online casinos

Belgium has just taken a step in the right direction for online casinos much to the delight of land based casinos in particular the Partouche group. It must be said that the Partouche group has been present on the internet for a number of years under different names. Also the Belgian land based casinos will find that online casinos are a profitable area for growth especially since the Belgian casinos like all casinos everywhere are going through a difficult timeĀ  The Belgian model offers online gaming licences only to land based casino operators.

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