Zynga moving into online gambling in the United Kingdom

Zynga moving into online gambling in the United KingdomZynga, the San Francisco, California based company which develops social games formed a partnership with Bwin.party  Digital Entertainment in September 2012. Zynga wished to enter the British real money online gambling market and so it joined forces with Bwin.party which holds a British gambling licence. Zynga is able to offer poker and casino cash games to United Kingdom players.
It has recently launched Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino and will use information from these to see how its members and others will take to real money online gambling. Zynga Plus Casino includes 180 casino games.Zynga’s social games were very popular on Facebook and other social networking sites and its most well known game “Farmville” launched in 2009 is to be available during 2013 as “Farmville 2” online real money slot machines.
The Chief Executive Officer of Zynga, Mark Pincus has said that the aim of the move into online real money gambling is to make gambling games social events just as Zynga made online gaming social. He has claimed that the company is not out to corner the market for confirmed gamblers but rather to open up online gambling as a social activity to the public in general while also benefiting from the fact that it already has a base of almost 300 million active users of its social games.It appears that the ultimate aim of Zynga’s entry into the world of online gambling may be to break into the United States’ gambling market whenever online gambling becomes legal in more states. The company set in motion the application process for a gambling licence in Nevada, one of the few states where online gambling is now legal.

While the debate continues in the United States as to whether there will be federal legislation for online gambling, Zynga has plans while it awaits the outcome, to expand its online gambling venture into other European regulated markets. However for the moment Zynga wishes to see how its real money poker and casino games go down with social gamblers in the United Kingdom.

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