Live Casinos in Full Expansion

Celtic casino live dealersTen years ago there were not many live casinos in the world of online gaming due to the technology required for this type of gaming. At the time 888 and the Playtech casinos were the first to offer online blackjack, baccarat and roulette tables. It must be said that the transmission wasn’t the best and sometimes the game took place too slowly and with some bugs. Now the technology is cutting edge, the quality is perfect and new more powerful software like Vtech has appeared.

Live games on Celtic Casino and MyBet Casino

Now two leading brands offer very high quality live dealers with extremely quick transmission, the game is smooth and the female dealers very pleasant:  Celtic Casino and MyBet Casino. These two online casinos make live gaming tables, where the player feels as if he is in the casino, available to online players. Only the screen reminds him that he isn’t physically in the casino.

Celtic Casino has had incredible success in positioning itself in this very competitive market and in gaining a good part of the market in several countries. As for MyBet Casino, this online casino with a very good reputation has also made live gaming its strong point and is very competitive with other brands because MyBet doesn’t just offer casino games but also offers sports betting and poker.

Dublinbet: Land based Big Brother type Casino

Just a level below Celtic Casino and MyBet Casino is Dublinbet Casino. This online casino offers the same games as its competitors but goes even further than that. In fact Dublinbet films with several cameras installed in a land based Irish casino and transmits the action live. So the player finds himself in an actual casino and sees in real time what is going on in all the gaming rooms. Dublinbet could be a sort of Big Brother type casino with cameras in a casino which allow the players to see the actions and gestures of the players present in the casino as well as the dealers.

Live casinos have developed at great speed and have become casinos in their own right. In fact the online casinos offered slot machines and other table games (online blackjack) and then made online games available to players. Now we are seeing the complete opposite to this because online casinos specialising in live gaming are diversifying their business by offering players slot machines just like Celtic Casino and its 3D slot machines.

The future is rosy for live casinos and major players can benefit from these online casinos and the numerous advantages they offer ( no travel or costs, no bad weather, comfort of one’s own home, bonuses offered by the online casino, accessible 24/7 etc).


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