Many online gambling sites accessed from British Parliament computers

Many online gambling sites accessed from British Parliament computersIt can often be a problem for businesses that employees sometimes access various non-work related  web sites from their work place computers. Recent statistics released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that internet gambling web sites were accessed around 700 000 times yearly from computers located in the British Houses of Parliament.

Online gambling sites are visited several hundred thousand times a year by members of both Houses of Parliament and also by their employees. Based on the figure of almost 700 000 clicks on internet gambling sites it appears that one of these gambling sites is visited almost every minute.

Another point that has been revealed by these figures is that when compared with the times the Members of Parliament and the Houses of Lords are in session and on holiday, the amount of clicks on internet gambling sites drops dramatically over the holiday closures. Online gambling web sites are not the only sites visited by those working in the Houses of Parliament, it has been shown that these employees’ computers also access the social networking site Facebook almost three million times each month. Other sites visited by Members of Parliament and their staff include sites offering computer games, shopping and music downloads.There are an estimated 5000 computers in the British Parliament buildings. The most popular sites for parliamentary workers based on the statistics available under the Freedom of information Act, appear to be those linked to sports betting on sites such as Paddy Power and BetFair.
Computer gaming sites also had visits in the tens of thousands. This practice of accessing online gambling sites on official work time has been condemned by the Tax Payers Alliance’s R. Oxley, who stated that this accessing of online gambling sites needs to be taken seriously by the authorities since it is being paid for by taxpayers. However a spokesperson for the Houses of Parliament claimed that some of the figures may not be correct as links may have arrived in spam and it has also been suggested that the figures may be inflated as sites may refresh automatically.

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