New Jersey rejects proposed law on online gaming

New JerseyThe state of New Jersey has once again suffered a bitter blow concerning the regulation of online gaming. The governor, Chris Christie, imposed his veto on the legalisation of online gaming. Without his agreement, New Jersey is not likely to open up its online casino gaming and the many requests will not receive a response. However, at the beginning of the year, the Senate and Assembly legislators succeeded in adopting a law authorising online gaming which meant that the State of New Jersey was the first American state to authorise these games.
So the two senators, Raymond Lesniak and Joe Kryillos who proposed this law had great hopes of seeing their law accepted and succeeded in getting it voted with 63 votes for the law. But the governor, Chris Christie is the only one who can rule on this. He has never come out against the liberalisation of gaming but believes that as it stands the law doesn’t correspond exactly to the supervision needed, this is the reason why he will not give his go ahead.It must be understood that in the United States leaders come under pressure from the authorities. By liberalising online gaming in the State of New Jersey, they fear that the neighbouring states will be forced to go the same way and this is the reason for their reservations. The financial stakes are extremely high, one even hears talk of billions of dollars. The opening up of online gaming could have led to the creation of many jobs along with the imposition of taxes which would have given the State considerable financial gain. The legislators have not given up however and are planning a new proposal. But this time they won’t announce a victory before time.The world of gaming is huge in the United States and thousands of direct and indirect jobs are dependent on land based casinos.
Las Vegas and Atlantic City are international gaming capitals even if Macau and Singapore have surpassed them due to the large population living in Asia. Legalising online gaming causes a problem due to the jobs siphoned off from actual casinos. Lobbies are very powerful in the United States and legalising online casinos requires thought just like for online poker rooms whose “Black Sunday” showed that operators who don’t obey the law could be brought to justice by the FBI with Interpol international arrest warrants. Online casinos like Rome Casino or Diceland Casino are however accessible to American players as is a range of other online casinos.The battle between those who wish to see an opening up of online gaming in all its forms and its opponents is far from over.

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