Even more online casinos blacklisted in Belgium

Even more online casinos blacklisted in BelgiumThe Belgian government passed the Gaming Act of 1999 which set out the requirements for offering casino games, poker and betting in the country. This act also made clear that any operator either in a land based or online casino must hold a Belgian gaming licence if they wish to offer their services to Belgian residents. It does not make any difference if the online casino operator holds a recognised European internet gambling licence, the Belgian authorities insist that only casino operators with a Belgian licence may operate legally in the country. All other online casinos are placed on a blacklist.

This blacklist includes the names of some well known online casinos and some of these have gone before the Belgian courts to plead their case against the legislation which brands them as illegal but so far they have lost.
 In April 2013 there were 69 online casinos featured on the blacklist and now there are 82. The Belgian Gaming Commission began making the blacklist public at the beginning of 2012 by publishing it on the Commission’s web site. However, the blacklist doesn’t show all of the banned online casinos but only those that are the most frequented.When an online casino is blacklisted, its site will be blocked by Belgian internet service providers and any financial transactions will also be blocked. Since September 2013 another six online casinos have been blocked, these include the following internet casinos, Eurocazino, Bigbangcasino, Stargames, 5dimes, Casinomidas and onextwo.In order to operate legally in Belgium, the online casino operator must form a partnership with a land based casino within the country. The land based casino will already hold a licence to operate and since these are the only operators permitted to offer online gambling to Belgian citizens, outside operators wishing to offer their services legally in Belgium must partner with them to gain access to a licence. The main difficulty is that there is not a great number of land based casinos in Belgium and so there is great competition to partner with a Belgian land based casino.

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