Casino : Mini Las Vegas near Madrid

Mini Las Vegas in MadridThe Spanish economy is in a pitiful state especially when one takes into consideration that the rate of unemployment is over 22% and that many young highly qualified people have no other choice than to accept jobs beneath their qualifications. Spain is holding its breath concerning a project that could give the city of Madrid a real boost and which could give direct employment to 50 000 people and indirectly to 200 000 thanks to a massive project: a mini Las Vegas in Madrid.
Negotiations between Madrid and the American billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, have reached an advanced stage and it may well happen that Europe will have its own Las Vegas. With an investment of 16 billion euros over thirteen years, the future European Las Vegas should appear in the area surrounding Madrid in Aldebebas near Madrid’s Barajas airport.

Sheldon Adelson bets on Europe

The business magnate who made a fortune in the casinos of Las Vegas and who invested billions of dollars in Macau and Singapore plans on opening an entertainment complex in Europe. This visionary and skilled negotiator is a giant in the area of land based casinos who made a fortune in the world of gaming and Madrid may be his next playground in order to win the jackpot. So majestic casinos and hotels could be built, bars, restaurants, concert halls, golf courses and cinemas could attract millions of tourists and players from all over the world.Nothing has been signed but the negotiations are ongoing and should end soon. The local inhabitants will need to accept the construction of this gaming complex on the site of an old dump and to sort out changes in planning conditions. In addition, Sheldon Adelson wants players who smoke to be able to play slot machines and at baccarat, blackjack, roulette, texas holdem poker and craps tables. However many countries such as France, Switzerland, Italy and also Spain have anti – tobacco laws. It must be said that high roller players prepared to spend thousands of euros in an evening are generally speaking smokers and many casinos have seen the impact of the smoking ban which caused a sharp drop in the casinos’ gross income.If this project comes to fruition, the city of Madrid would have 50% fewer unemployed thanks to this project alone. There will be many more negotiations before the first machinery will arrive to build the casinos which should resemble American gaming establishments. Casinos such as the Venetian Casino and the Bellagio are majestic and one could bet that Sheldon Adelson plans to have many like those as he did in Macau and Singapore with his unique casinos.

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