British Gambling Laws out of date according to MPs

British Gambling Laws out of date according to MPsAt a meeting of the Commons Culture Committee Members of Parliament claimed that current gambling laws in the United Kingdom are out of date in particular when viewed in the context of online gambling and changes in society. Members of Parliament criticised the 2005 Gambling Act  which was to have liberalised the British gambling industry.
The Commons Culture Committee has requested that since gambling is a global industry that there should be further deregulation in the United Kingdom. They also asked for research into problem gambling in particular among young people; This is relevant given the fact that mobile gambling is increasingly prevalent and now that gambling is taking place on social networks on the internet.
The 2005 Gambling act came into place in 2007. The act liberalised some of the rules concerning gambling in casinos, in betting shops and on the internet. One rule that was eased was the ability of land based and online casino operators and betting shops to advertise on radio and television.
Back in 2007 since several critics of the 2005 Gambling Act were concerned that the new act would lead to an increase in problem gambling, the government responded by reducing the licences for new “super casinos” to just one and those for ordinary sized casinos was brought to 16. This has led to new casinos being dependent on getting permission to build from central government rather than being based on permission from local councils which is what the Commons Culture Committee MPs have requested.The Commons Culture Committee also highlighted problems for the online gambling industry claiming that this is another area where the 2005 act is very out of date. The MPs have recommended that there be a review of online gambling taxes imposed on online casino operators wishing to advertise their services in the United Kingdom. This “point of consumption” tax has led to many online casino operators leaving Britain. In general the committee would support further liberalisation of gambling in specific areas.

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