New Gambling developments in Malta

MaltaMalta is well known as a leading jurisdiction for the granting of gambling licences such as Mybet Casino. Regulation on Malta for both the land based casino industry and for online gaming is recognised world wide as being among the best on offer. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority oversees all gambling in Malta and the island’s legislation is highly regarded and supervision is stringent. As far back as 2001, the Maltese government recognised the need to regulate and supervise gaming.
The country was also the first to legislate for gaming that complies with the European Union treaty. In 2004 Malta was the first European state to legalise online gaming and since then investment by major gaming companies has allowed the creation of over 7000 jobs with another 2000 having been created in land based gambling.Now according to a recent statement made at the Lotteries and Gaming Authority’s tenth conference, Malta will have a new first. It will be the first European Union country to allow casino games on cruise ships within its waters. The decision to permit casino gambling within its territorial waters has been made to encourage the cruise ship industry to develop further in Malta and also to give these cruise ships a good reason to stay overnight in ports on the island.Another innovation for 2013 will be fact that Malta will become the first jurisdiction to regulate digital online games with prizes. This sector will be licensed and supervised by the Lotteries and Gaming Commission. This announcement was made also by the Maltese finance minister, T. Fenech, at the Lotteries and Gaming Authority’s recent conference. The Maltese government will also set up the “Malta Digital Entertainment Foundation” working with the private sector to ensure that the new initiatives are backed up and also to promote Malta as a top investment opportunity for digital gaming and online gaming.

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