Which online gambling model will the Dutch follow?

Which online gambling model will the Dutch followFor many years the Dutch government had opposed the introduction of an online gambling market. Online gambling was banned and the Dutch government defended its right to this ban at the European Court of Justice. All gambling in the Netherlands was regulated by Holland Casino which is a state run monopoly that governs all legal gambling which up to now has only been in land based casinos.As happened in Italy, European Union officials have declared that the Dutch ban on overseas online gaming operators offering their services in the Netherlands is contrary to European Union law on freedom of movement of services. As far back as 2005 the Dutch Supreme court declared that online bookmakers were to stop taking bets online from Dutch gamblers.
A later ruling in 2007 to prevent French operators offering services in the Netherlands also justified the policy of preventing foreign operators entering the Dutch market by recognising that their laws were restrictive as regards freedom of services within the European Union but the ruling argued that this was in the general interest of the country.In March of this year there was a major victory for online gambling in the Netherlands when the new government decided to allow internet gambling. The government wishes to allow Dutch players access regulated online poker, sports betting and bingo. At the end of 2011 the Dutch government approved the setting up of the Gaming Authority which is now in place to regulate the liberalised online gaming market.

The question now for the newly liberalised and regulated Dutch internet gambling market is on which country’s online gambling “model” its online casino industry should base its own system? Recently the Dutch Justice ministry decided that the Belgian model, on which it had planned to base its own industry may not meet all the requirements of the European Union’s laws.

It is thought that now the Dutch authorities may base their newly regulated online gambling industry on the Danish model which is closer to fulfilling the European Union demands. It was only in January that the European Commission finally approved of the Danish online gambling proposals. Under these new regulations foreign online casino operators can apply for a Danish licence. These operators will be subject to a 20% tax on gross revenue. It remains to be seen whether this Danish model will be used by the Dutch as a basis for their own online casino industry.

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