Casino for New York City not completely ruled out

Casino for New York City not completely ruled outLast month, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo said in his speech on the state of the State that if there is an amendment to the state constitution permitting full casinos that he wishes to have the first three casinos located outside of New York City. However at a recent press conference he admitted that he was not completely against the possibility of a full scale casino being built in the city. Several politicians and also some major casino group operators such as Genting are lobbying to have some or even one of the new full casinos sited in the city area.
In March of 2012 the state legislature made the first step towards amending the state constitution to allow seven full scale casinos to be developed in New York. This move has to be approved a second time by the state legislature this year and then in November a referendum will be held to allow voters to decide whether to accept this amendment to the constitution or not.
The proposal to build up to seven full scale casinos in New York state does not include Native American owned casinos and also they would be full scale casinos in contrast to New York’s only casino at present. This casino, often called a “racino”, is the Resorts World casino in Queens at the Aqueduct Racetrack. Resorts World is a huge slot machine casino owned by the Genting group. In order to obey the state constitution, Resorts World does not have live dealers, it has electronic dealers and so the casino tables are electronic too. (See article: Resorts World Casino New York on Top). However, Resorts World is doing very well financially and the state benefits greatly from its tax income from the casino. At the moment 90 per cent of the tax revenue from casinos is given to education in the whole state.While Governor Cuomo does not definitely rule out the location of a casino in New York City his plan is to site the new casinos in areas where they will improve the local economy, provide employment and bring tourists to the areas in which they are built. He also wants the casinos to be at the centre of complexes with entertainment, hotels and retail outlets that will create jobs for the surrounding communities.

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