B3W Online Casinos Withdraw from the French Market

B3W online casino softwareIt is a real blow for world of online casinos in France because the group B3W is going to withdraw from the French market. In fact, the B3W group whose headquarters are in Malta can no longer offer players living in France its online casino software because of one of its online casinos, Aeroplayer. The Authority for the Regulation of Online Gaming (Arjel) didn’t hesitate in issuing a writ against B3W since it is offering the French casino games. At least this casino is available in French and accessible to any French speaker anywhere in the world so therefore if players living in France decide to play in this casino they can do so. The B3W group which is based in Malta, that is in a member state of the European Union decided not to confront the Arjel and blocked its online casino sites to players living in France.France has an ambiguous policy concerning casino games since there is no law banning online casinos in France (there is no decree against online casinos) even though it isn’t one of the licences granted by the Arjel. B3W was a small casino games operator and never really broke into the market unlike groups such as Playtech, Microgaming or Top Game and Rival software. B3W stood out from its competitors by offering casino games in flash without downloading the software. So players just had to register to access a gaming platform with basic games. Accessible from any computer, B3W’s online casinos were not up to the mark when faced with stiff competition. It’s a hard blow for the finances of this group which has to withdraw from the French market and this will just complicate its position.Other casino software offers French speaking players quality games such as Top Game with its excellent casino, Mona Casino, or the live games specialist Celtic Casino which enables players to find themselves in the centre of the action in the presence of real live dealers. At one time or another France must legalise the online casino sector like the United States is in the process of doing at the moment. It is certain that France will follow in the footsteps of Malta, Great Britain or more recently Italy and Spain and should one day open up its casino market on the Web. The legal online gaming operators whether in poker or sport betting continue to put pressure on the Arjel to legalise online casinos in France and to offer a wider range of games.

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