High Tech Cheating in The Princes Casino

Fraud with infrared lens in a french casinoThe Barriere casino, The Princes, in Cannes has just fallen victim to fraud which is the first of its type in the history of casinos in France. This fraud could have come straight out of  Hollywood where the films are often based on real life happenings in casinos in particular in Las Vegas. This time it happened in The Princes casino in Cannes which belongs to the Barrière group.
Five suspects have been arrested in a case of cheating which took place at a Stud Poker table. The Grasse police have launched an investigation for “organised fraud”.We will press “Rewind” to discover what took place in one of the leading gambling spots on the French Riviera. A player wearing infrared lens read the dealer’s cards and therefore knew the winning combinations. That is to say that the player quickly got his hands on the pot by walking off with bet after bet especially since he was betting 250 euros a time. These lens enabled him to read details invisible to the naked eye and these high tech lens alone gave him a great advantage over the other players and the dealer present at the table. The player left with winnings of 22,000€ after just 1 and a half hours of playing. It goes without saying that this unusual player attracted the attention of the management who looked into the situation. An inquiry was launched to discover how a player could win so much in such a short time.The player and a member of the casino management were arrested in the middle of the casino along with two Italian clients staying in the hotel as well as a casino employee. Suspicion fell on the member of the casino management whose job was to pick up the cards and it is believed that he put in a special pack of cards so that the player with the lens could read the cards. The hotel clients are believed to be the player’s accomplices but they claim that they are only tourists. The investigators are going to continue their investigation in order to determine the roles played by each one in this fraud worthy of a James Bond film. This ingenious plan had already been carried out in August and the same player left with the sum of 44,000€.

Generally speaking, hold ups are the most frequently used methods to gain large sums of money and casinos have often been the victims of these stick ups. High tech fraud is rarer although the Wynn casino in Las Vegas fell victim to two professional poker players who excelled in the art of “Dice Sliding” in the game of craps.

Land based casinos are going to have to increase their security levels to deter both organised crime gangs and cheating players who use all sorts of tricks or technology to win big.

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