Cloud Computing: Could it be the future for casinos?

International Game technologyCloud computing has been in use for the past few years. It is used in several areas such as email, spam filters, online storage of information and servers for multi player role playing games among other applications and developed from the need for larger storage space and to provide new technology easily to internet users. The main advantage of cloud computing is that information can be accessed from the internet anywhere once one has a device that is connected.
Gaming on the cloud means that the actual game is on the gaming operator’s server and not on the player’s computer or mobile phone. The player does not have to download the whole programme but downloads instead a programme that allows him to access the game on the online gaming operator’s server. This means that in the future online gambling companies can improve and upgrade their games without being concerned about the specifications of the player’s computer.Recently, three casinos in the United Kingdom, which belong to the Grosvenor Group have started using the cloud to link their gambling machines in their casinos.
The three land based casinos in London, Reading and Coventry have been using the International Game Technology cloud system and with this have connected their casino gambling machines to the cloud. There are many advantages to this as the casinos can access the International Game Technology game library and also have a greatly improved ability to gather statistics concerning players’ gambling preferences. With this easily accessed up to date data the casino operators can provide players with games that interest them, they can provide the latest games and also save money at the same time. The savings to casinos using cloud computing come from lower running costs and more efficient management of their establishments.By using International Game Technology’s Cloud, the three Grosvenor casinos are coming close to offering players an integrated land based casino and also online gambling experience. Other United Kingdom based casinos could soon be joining them on the cloud.

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