United States Crack Down on Internet Café Gambling

United States Crack Down on Internet Café GamblingAs the result of investigations ongoing over the past year several states have made arrests after the discovery of illegal online gambling taking place in internet cafés across the United States. This appears to be quite a recent happening in the United States and follows raids on internet cafés in Malaysia and also in the Philippines. Investigators claim that the internet cafés are just a cover for gambling operations and prosecutions have resulted as the result of undercover investigations in several American states where  gambling is still illegal.In one case in Indiana a state gaming control officer reported that at the end of 2011 he visited an internet café several times and each time he paid for access to online casino games and that he was also told of a membership scheme whereby he could use specific computers in a room behind the café. Following this undercover investigation four men were charged with money laundering and with promoting gambling. In most states these felonies attract large fines and can carry a sentence of between one and five years in jail.Similar investigations in other states have led to the closure of internet cafés suspected of offering illegal online gambling in Michigan and in Georgia among others. In Georgia the governor has issued a warning to the operators of internet cafés which are just a cover for illegal access to online gambling that they will be closed down and already up to a hundred such internet cafés are to be prosecuted. It is claimed that some of these cafés can contain up to 500 computers offering access to illegal online casino games. They bring in huge amounts of money that is lost to the state. The only type of gaming allowed under the constitution in Georgia, where gambling is banned, is a state run lottery which funds education.

New Jersey is the latest state to prosecute the operators of internet cafés which were used as a front for illegal online gambling. Four men have been charged with running an illegal gambling operation. Three men have been arrested while the fourth has not been found. Similar to other undercover operations in different states the cafés have been closed and money and equipment used in the gambling operation have been seized.

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