Women and Onling Gambling

Women and online gamblingFor many years it seemed that gambling both in land based and in online casinos was the preserve of men with a much smaller percentage of women involved. However a recent survey by Hitwise, the worldwide online consumer research group shows that in the UK there has been an increase of four times the number of women in online casinos from figures in 2007 compared to new figures for 2010. Women now make up 48.38% of players in online casinos which is very close to the percentage of men which stands at 51.62%.
Men and women tend to have different styles of gambling. Men are involved in more varied types of gambling than women and appear to prefer roulette, poker and sports betting while women tend to prefer bingo and slot machines. In fact a lot of women have been attracted to online gambling through online bingo which is advertised in such a way as to draw them to certain online casinos. However while bingo is extremely popular among female online players, men do none the less make up about 30% of online bingo players and it appears that they just like the female bingo players are attracted by the social aspect of this online activity. Along with preferences for different types of online games there is also a difference in what males and females tend to seek from online gambling. In general men tend to gamble to develop their skills and to beat other players or the casino while women look at being in an online casino as a social occasion and a means of relaxation.There have been concerted efforts by online casinos to entice female players to their websites. Large amounts have been spent on marketing to attract women and the language used on some sites has women players in mind. Advertising often is placed in women’s magazines or on websites frequented by women. There are also certain online casino websites aimed specifically at women. All of this is done with the aim of making playing in an online casino appear less intimidating to female players. The Hitwise survey gave the reason for the large increase in women players in online casinos as being the fact that is now so much easier for women to access online casinos with the growth in internet use.

While this Hitwise survey deals with the increase in the number of women engaged in online gambling in the UK it is probable that there is a similar increase in the percentage of female players in other countries too.

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